As the name implies, this online task management software is goals-oriented. All other features you’ll find here serve the purpose of setting and achieving business goals.

Goals oriented App

Mind Map Maker

Create helpful and engaging Mind Maps online and showcase them to your employees, team members, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone’s on the same page

Team Collaboration

The Goals team management solution facilitates teamwork online. Create teams, manage their composition, assign specific members to specific tasks or sprints. With the Goals team collaboration software, teamwork and project management walk hand in hand.

Task Manager

An online task management system like the Goals is a must for any PM, startup, and business owner.

Not only does such a tool streamline task management and make this process much more approachable, but it also frees the manager’s time and resources to allocate elsewhere.


Sprints with Scopes of Tasks

In the Goals, you can generate Sprints to facilitate Agile Project Management. Develop deliverable product or project increments and see how your sprints build upon previous ones on your path to reaching your Goals!

Feature coming soon

All works and tasks presented in a clear, actionable form

Benefits of our Task Management Software

  • Web Version - Available on any Device
  • Multi-Grade Data Encryption
  • Agile Friendly Environment
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Ready to Benefit from Using the Goals?

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